Doctor of Philosophy Students Supervised

  1. Ali R. Atilgan, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Sept. 1989. Dissertation: Towards a Unified Analysis Methodology for Composite Rotor Blades.
  2. Kyung M. Yoo, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Mar. 1990. Dissertation: Unsteady Vortex Lattice Aerodynamics for Rotor Aeroelasticity in Hover and in Forward Flight.
  3. Robert R. Bless, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Mar. 1991. Dissertation: Time-Domain Finite Elements in Optimal Control with Application to Launch-Vehicle Guidance.
  4. Mark V. Fulton, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, June 1992. Dissertation: Stability of Elastically Tailored Rotor Blades.
  5. Akif Özbek, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Sept. 1993. Dissertation: Short- and Long-term Behavior of Structures with Computer Graphics (co-advised by V. L. Berdichevsky).
  6. Bok Woo Lee, Ph.D., Engineering Science and Mechanics, Dec. 1993. Dissertation: Application of the Variational-Asymptotical Method to Laminated Composite Plates.
  7. Carlos E. Cesnik, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, June 1994. Dissertation: Cross-Sectional Analysis of Initially Twisted and Curved Composite Beams. (Selected as Sigma Xi Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation from Georgia Institute of Technology for 1994-95)
  8. Xiaoyang Shang, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Dec. 1995. Dissertation: Aeroelastic Stability of Composite Hingeless Rotors with Finite-State Aerodynamics.
  9. Michael S. Warner, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Dec. 1996. Dissertation: Numerical Solutions to Optimal-Control Problems by Finite Elements in Time with Adaptive Error Control.
  10. Vitali V. Volovoi, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Mar. 1997. Dissertation: On End Effects for Prismatic Beams (co-advised by V. L. Berdichevsky).
  11. Bogdan Popescu, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, June 1998. Dissertation: Asymptotically Correct Refinements in Numerical Cross-Sectional Analysis of Composite Beams.
  12. Dineshkumar Harursampath, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, March 1999. Dissertation: Non-Classical Non-Linear Effects in Thin-Walled Composite Beams.
  13. Ömer Soykasap, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, March 1999. Dissertation: Aeroelastic Optimization of a Composite Tilt Rotor.
  14. Mayuresh J. Patil, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, June 1999. Dissertation: Nonlinear Aeroelasticity, Flight Dynamics, and Control of a Complete Aircraft.
  15. Wenbin Yu, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, May 2002. Dissertation: Variational Asymptotic Modeling of Composite Dimensionally Reducible Structures (Luther S. Long, III, Memorial Award in Engineering Mechanics for 2002; Sigma Xi Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation from Georgia Institute of Technology for 2002-2003).
  16. Abdul Bajodah, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Dec. 2003. Dissertation: Acceleration Constraints in Modeling and Control of Nonholonomic Systems.
  17. Donghoon Lee, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Dec. 2003. Dissertation: Multi-Flexible-Body Analysis for Application to Wind Turbine Control Design.
  18. Seungmook Chae, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, July 2004. Dissertation: Effect of Follower Forces on Aeroelastic Stability of Flexible Structures.
  19. Chongseok Chang, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Dec. 2006. Dissertation: Vibration and Aeroelastic Analysis of Highly Flexible HALE Aircraft.
  20. Carlos Roithmayr, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, May 2007. Dissertation: Relating Constrained Motion to Force Through Newton's Second Law.
  21. Jieun Ku, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Aug. 2007. Dissertation: A Hybrid Optimization Scheme for Helicopters with Composite Rotor Blades.
  22. Chang-Yong Lee, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Aug. 2007. Dissertation: Dynamic Variational Asymptotic Procedure for Laminated Composite Shells
  23. Leihong Li, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Aug. 2008. Dissertation: Structural design of composite rotor blades with consideration of manufacturability, durability, and manufacturing uncertainties.
  24. Wei-En Li, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Aug. 2009. Dissertation: Enhancement of Roll Maneuverability Using Post-Reversal Design.
  25. Jimmy Ho, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Aug. 2009. Dissertation: Modeling Spanwise Nonuniformity in the Cross-sectional Analysis of Composite Beams.
  26. Huimin Song, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, May 2010. Dissertation: Rigorous Joining of Advanced Reduced-Dimensional Beam Models to 3d Finite Element Models.
  27. Zahra Sotoudeh, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Aug. 2011. Dissertation: Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis of Beam Structures Using Fully Intrinsic Equations.
  28. Akash Dixit, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering (co-advised by S. Hanagud), May 2012. Dissertation: "Damage Modeling, Damage Detection and Damage Sensitivity for Structures Using Unified Framework."
  29. Pezhman Mardanpour, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, August 2013. Dissertation: "Effect of Engine Placement and Morphing on Nonlinear Aeroelastic Behavior of Flying Wing Aircraft."
  30. Anurag Rajagopal, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, May 2014. Dissertation: "Advancements in Rotor Blade Cross-Sectional Analysis Using the Variational-Asymptotic Method.”
  31. Phillip Richards, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, May 2015. Dissertation: "Design Strategies for Rotorcraft Blades and HALE Aircraft Wings Applied to Damage Tolerant Wind Turbine Blade Design." 
  32. Ravi Kovvali, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, Dec. 2015. Dissertation: “A Nonlinear Theory of Cosserat Elastic Plates Using the Variational-Asymptotic Method.”
  33. Seundo Heo, Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering (co-advised by O. A. Bauchau), Aug. 2017. Dissertation: "Parallel Computation Algorithms for Multibody Dynamics Simulations."
  34. Hanif Sadat Hoseini Khajuee Seyed Mohammad, Ph.D. student, Aerospace Engineering, in progress.
  35. Mohit Gupta, Ph.D. student, Aerospace Engineering, in progress. 

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